About Us

CFOU was established in 2002 as a community-based organization and later was registered in 2019 as a Non-Governmental organization (NGO).  CFOU is an all-inclusive association with a vision to catalyze the transformation of the health of orphans and vulnerable children accessing quality and equitable services through a holistic approach. CFOU was recognized as an NGO and permitted to operate an organization in Jinja, Buyende, Luuka, Mayuge, Iganga, and Sironko Districts.

The physical address is Busede Sub-county Bugobya Parish Jinja District Uganda

Our mission is to contribute towards improved quality of life of Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) through psychosocial support, increasing access, advocacy, empowerment and cooperating with other Organizations both local and international.

The objectives of which the organization is established are: –

  • The organization shall carry out the fields of providing health and educational services
  •  To Provide psychosocial support
  •  To Provide economic empowerment to orphans, youths, and vulnerable children
  •  To Promote primary health care and community outreach
  •  To Sensitise and offer counseling to children living with HIV/AIDS to live positively 


Target group orphans and vulnerable children (children living with HIV/AIDS, Disabled, and those affected by COVID-19) Youths, The Secondary target are caregivers and local leaders

CFOU engages in Psycho-Social activities to support the personal and social development of traumatized and vulnerable children, Advocacy activities related to fulfilling the orphans, children living with HIV/AIDS their rights, and those affected by Covid 19 Capacity building for youths, local leaders, and caregivers.

Skills training for youths/adolescents in hairdressing, tailoring, knitting, Computer training for primary children, life planning skills for the youths, and herbal soap making.

Organizational capacity building of CFOU (including staff training in child and adolescent counseling/therapy and accounting, training of board members in monitoring and evaluation, training of volunteers, networking and advocacy methods, and children’s rights). Producing of 2 guides on the Psycho-Social methods/work to be used in different organizations and by volunteers within CFOU.

The world around us

Currently, Child-Friendly Organisation Uganda is implementing a 3-year project (2021-2024) to ensure the prevalence of the psycho-social model used by Child-Friendly Organisation Uganda (CFOU) in the three parishes of Itaikaibolu, Nabitambala, and Bugobya in Busedde Sub County by anchoring the model and make it more accessible. At a later stage the model to be used in other parts of Uganda, with the overall goal to have a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children and youths. The purpose of the intervention is furthermore to prepare a sustainability strategy for CFOU.

A Uganda with Health children accessing quality and equitable services through a holistic approach. 

Our Funders

Senior without Border Denmark has been our major donor.

Project -Empowerment of orphans in Busede 2010-2017(Senior without Borders Denmark

Citizen participation September 2018- August 2020(Senior without Borders Denmark)

Project house accommodating offices, hall for orphans activities and counseling space (Nissen Fund)

Short projects

Skilling and advocating for OVC 2017(USAID PEPFAR Grant)

Improving maternal health 2017( USAID )

How you can Help?

Contact us at any Time through our website and will get back to you as soon as possible.

promoting the rights of orphans and other vulnerable children especially children living with HIV/AIDS