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About Us

Child Friendly organisation Uganda ( CFOU) is a non-Governmental organisation which was established in 2000. It promotes the rights of orphans and other vulnerable children especially children living with HIV/AIDS. The Organisation has an interest in reaching out OVC in the rural setting and has its permanent offices in a rural sub-county in Busede Jinja District.

Our mission is to contribute towards improved quality of life of Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) through psychosocial support, increasing access, advocacy, empowerment and cooperating with other Organizations both local and international.

CFOU engages in Psycho-Social activities to support the personal and social development of traumatized and vulnerable children, Advocacy activities related to fulfilling the orphans and children living with HIV/AIDS their rights. Capacity building for youths, a local leader, orphans and their caregivers.

Skills training for youths/adolescents in soap making, sewing, knitting and basic use of a computer. Organizational capacity building of CFOU (including staff training in child and adolescent counseling/therapy and accounting, training of board members, training of volunteers, networking and advocacy methods and children’s right). Producing of 2 guides on Psycho-Social method/work to be used in different organizations and by volunteers within CFOU.

Our vision is A Uganda with Health children accessing quality and equitable services through a holistic approach

Our Funders

Senior without Border Denmark has been our major donor.

Project -Empowerment of orphans in Busede 2010-2017(Senior without Borders Denmark

Citizen participation September 2018- August 2020(Senior without Borders Denmark)

Project house accommodating offices, hall for orphans activities and counseling space (Nissen Fund)

Short projects

Skilling and advocating for OVC 2017(USAID PEPFAR Grant)

Improving maternal health 2017( USAID )

chairpersons remarks
Chairperson Remarks

Child Friendly Organisation Uganda (CFOU) has maintained and kept its development gradient raising objectively ever since its infancy on its journey to attain its goal and vision. As Board, we realized that a lot of activities having been planned and implemented well, they yielded good success or achievements in a short time thus 2009 to date.

CFOU as an organisation has legitimacy in the community and region. It is well defined social accountabilities can be shared from both the primary and secondary beneficiaries, respective administration units at grass root and communities around we have broadened our working relations with a number of stakeholders hence easing the work that CFOU does or embark on.

As a result reduction in child abuse which was a common practice in the communities. There is an increased sense of ownership of role and responsibilities right from the children i.e. orphans and other vulnerable children, caregivers, communities including the leaders and other respective persons or agencies.

Thanks to SWB which connected the Organisation to Nissen fund who funded the construction of CFOU project House which has offices and a Centre for orphans for psycho social activities.

Special thanks to CISU, Seniors without Borders (SWB) in Denmark who have been our major donors since CFOU’s inception. USAID embassy Kampala, one step Denmark, Nissen fund and Government of Uganda.

Mugoya Fred Moses

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Coordinator remarks

Dear Friends,

Thank you for making 2018 yet another remarkable year for Child Friendly organisation! This year marked a decade of service for the organization. Our dedicated staff supported by 40 volunteers of whom some are local leaders of the community, has done an incredible job of supporting orphans and children living with HIV/AIDS which has strengthened our programs and services. CFOU has supported more than 900 orphans, some of whom are living with HIV/AIDS through offering psychosocial support, training in life planning skills, Supporting child headed with income generating activities, training OVC in life skills, offering counseling, combating climate change energy saving stoves and advocacy for child rights,

Networking with different stakeholders like Government officials, ANPPCAN, Police Family protection unit,   NEMACY, has made CFOU to mention a few. It is through cooperation that CFOU has reached heights.

Child Friendly Organisation is stronger than ever due to our continually expanding community who comes together to donate time, resources, and talent in support of our orphans to improve their quality of life…

Thank you for Senior without Borders for wholeheartedly being a partner with CFOU since the organisation inception. We are looking forward to more partners together we can create change in the life of an orphan.

Sincerely, Sarah Nsaja Projects Coordinator

How you can Help?

Contact us at any Time through our website and will get back to you as soon as possible.

promoting the rights of orphans and other vulnerable children especially children living with HIV/AIDS