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My name is X, I joined CFOU when I was in primary six after losing my parents and I was now the head of the family taking care of my young siblings. When I was in S2 I was given a pig which I later sold off and got goats which multiplied then sold off and bought a cow, which also multiplied.
CFOU’s interventions caused a great change to my life, we were trained in life planning skills. I was among those youths who were trained to make the energy saving stoves and after the training I helped the community to construct the energy saving stoves at a cost. Currently I am the chairperson of my area, the trainings I got from CFOU, have enabled me to be a good leader in my community. I am also a volunteer at CFOU, due to the fact that CFOU helped me I would also want to help other orphans transform in my community as a volunteer of CFOU.Iam now married with two children and also was able to construct my own house.