As for advocacy the project CFOU advocates for the fulfillment of rights of the orphans and other vulnerable children(OVC) to improve their situation. The children are empowered to participate through life planning skills, child rights clubs in schools, peer to peer support in communities. Orphans, caregivers, and local leaders are trained in children’s rights and child protection how to develop children’s and youths’ potential, how to form self-help groups to advocate for the rights of vulnerable children, and how to organize themselves in self-help groups. Community dialogues are conducted in public gatherings, in schools, and in local leader meetings.

CFOU works towards Advocacy to government departments for meeting their duties and

responsibilities regarding the protection of orphans and other vulnerable children and youth. 

 Forging alliances with other organizations for the protection of children and youth in Uganda.

Not an Island

For improved service delivery CFOU networks with other Civil Society organisations and

Creation of alliances and service delivery CFOU cooperates with different civil societies 

Network for marginalized youths and Children Uganda(NEMACY) Advocacy for children and youths rights where CFOU is a member, Namayingo United Women Groups( NOWUG) TJEKO Uganda Works with children through play, Mother Initiative Africa sironko(MIA) TASO (treatment for people with HIV/AIDS in Uganda) – Red Cross (Working with projects in skills training for youth/adolescents).